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Frequently Ask Questions about the Family Medicine Residency Program

What is a residency program?

A Family Medicine residency program is a 3 year training program for doctors that have finished medical school, have their medical degree, and have chosen to specialize in Family Medicine. Resident physicians are directly supervised throughout their 3 years of training by attending physicians (doctors who are experienced, board certified family physicians).

What is a resident?

Resident physicians are medical doctors who have completed medical school, have a current medical degree, and are completing further training in a specific medical specialty. Our resident physicians are specializing in Family Medicine.

My insurance company says I have been assigned to someone other than the person I normally see in the clinic?

Per insurance company guidelines, we must bill any medical services under the supervising (attending) physicians. Your insurance may assign you to an attending physician at our office, however you are able to see any physician in our clinic. Your bill will usually list the attending physician since that is who we submit the bill under.

Heuser Family Medicine Center’s attending/supervising physicians are: Dr. Cynthia Kegowicz (Residency Program Director), Dr. Dmitry Bisk , Dr. Andrea Darby-Stewart, Dr. Charlotte Gurule, Dr. Darlene Moyer, Dr. Richard Rutkowski, Dr. Alethea Turner, and Dr. Javier Zayas-Bazan. ,

What is a team, and why am I assigned to one?

Our doctors are divided into four teams. Each team consists of medical assistants, nurses, resident physicians and attending/supervising physicians. If we are unable to schedule you with the doctor you normally see, we do our best to schedule you with another doctor on the same team to provide the highest quality of medical care.

What do the team colors mean?

The team colors (Orange, Purple, Green and Blue) have no significance except they are the colors that make up our NOAH logo.