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Kristin Johnston, LPC

Kristin Johnston, LPC

Why did you choose your profession?
I have always been interested in what makes people and families do the things they do. We all have things from our childhoods and our families that we wish could be different. Helping children and families figure out some of those things and come to peace with those things is just incredibly rewarding.

Why do you work at NOAH?
I love the integrative team model. I love that if I have a question about whether a medical issue like epilepsy is impacting a child’s behavior, I can run down the hall and talk to our pediatrician about it. I love that if the doctors have a question about a child’s behavior or development, they can just grab me and pull me in. It makes things so much easier for us as professionals and it really makes things flow better for families.

What are your passions outside of your profession?
My family. I have a daughter in elementary school, and she is just the coolest person in the universe. And I love reading. I love fiction and connecting directly into characters’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Buy a new house and travel more. But truthfully other than upgrading some things I wouldn’t want my lifestyle to change that much. I’d still want to work part-time or maybe donate my time if I really didn’t need the money. And I’d definitely want to look into donating some of the money to programs that benefit children and families.

License Type:
Licensed Professional Counselor

Children and Adolescents

Primary Specialities:
Trauma, sexual abuse, birth to 5


Primary Location
Venado Valley Health Center