2017 Pediatric Patients

Deborah Bauer, MD

Deborah Bauer, MD, Pediatrician

Why did you choose your profession?
There is no better job than getting to work with children every day. I love how sincere and genuine kids are – and of course they’re loads of fun! It’s very special to be able to take care of somebody’s child and watch them grow up. And as a doctor, it’s such a unique relationship that I get to have with families, I’m very thankful that my patients allow me to be a part of their life in that way.

Why do you work at NOAH?
I wholeheartedly believe in NOAH’s goal of providing accessible and affordable high-quality healthcare. This should be a right and not a privilege, and I am so lucky to be able to participate in bringing something like this to the community.

I love spending time with my husband and children, especially in the outdoors. I also love learning to cook new cuisines.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?
Probably our two splurges would be a house in the mountains and a local college scholarship program.


Board Certifications:
American Pediatric Board

Medical School:
University of Rochester,
Rochester, NY

Denver, Colorado

English, Spanish

Primary Location:
Palomino Health Center