Are your Symptoms Normal Signs of Aging?

As you approach your 50’s, you may definitely notice signs of aging. Maybe your vision is blurry, or your hearing is muffled? Those small cuts you get in the garden or bruises that pop up out of the blue may not heal as quickly as they used to. Before you ignore these and other symptoms as part of the aging process, pay attention as they may be indicators of diabetes. [Read more...]

Diabetic Travel Tips

You don’t have to give up your life just because you have diabetes. In fact, you can hop on a plane, take a cruise or get in an RV and head out to your favorite vacation destination! Your Care Team at NOAH offer a few strategies to help you plan for your trip, so you stay healthy and keep your glucose levels within range. The secret to a successful trip is to get organized and plan far in advance. [Read more...]

National Wear Red Day – 2019

Someone dies of #cardiovasculardisease every 40 seconds – that represents 2200 people per day. On #WearRedDay the American Heart Associan’s Go Red for Women movement works to save women’s lives and beat heart disease, the # 1 killer of women. Our Care Team at NOAH are here to help you create & manage your #healthy #lifestyle #habits. Have you scheduled your well visit yet? Call 480-882-4545 today! #HeartMonth #GoRedWearRed

What to Know About HPV and Cervical Cancer

Nearly 13,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with #CervicalCancer each year. A preventable disease with vaccination and appropriate screening (Pap and HPV tests). We are highlighting the issues related to cervical cancer, human papillomavirus (#HPV) and the importance of early detection. Have you scheduled your well-woman visit lately? Has your child received their HPV vaccines yet? Call and schedule today 480-882-4545! #familypractice #pediatrics #CervicalHealthAwarenessMonth

Get Active and Exercise – Diabetes Management

Depending on the day (and the person), ‘exercise’ can be a rather exhausting task versus a welcomed activity. However, we know how important it is for our overall health – especially for those that have diabetes.

Your Care Team at NOAH note that being active provides huge benefits to your body from:
1. Lowering blood glucose (sugar).
2. Lowering cholesterol.
3. Lowering blood pressure.
4. Helping with weight loss.
5. Improving overall mood.

You don’t have to be obsessive about exercise to reap the benefits. Learn a few strategies to help you become more active as part of your diabetes management plan that are doable and keep you moving in the right direction. [Read more...]

Conquering the Grocery Store – Diabetes Management

Sometimes going to the grocery store can be a task rather than a fun activity. At NOAH, our Care Team offers some great tips for our patients that have diabetes to help them reduce that overwhelming feeling. With a little planning, grocery shopping can be an effective tool to help you meet your goals – managing your blood sugar levels and lose weight.

Planning and shopping carefully are two ways you will take control of your diet. To be successful, you need to first focus on what’s healthy, nutritious and tasty. Our Registered Dieticians will help guide you through this process. We provide our patients with the necessary information needed so they can conquer the grocery store on their own.

Below are a few tips for you to start with so that your visit to the grocery store is a success! [Read more...]

Keto Chocolate Cheesecake

Keto Chocolate CheesecakeValentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means chocolate! With so many people eating healthier, following diets and exercising more, we wanted to share a recipe that offers all an alternative to the heavy rich and creamy cheesecake that is both tasty and decadent. It all starts with cocoa powder. From the crust to the filling, you may have to hide a piece before it’s all gone!
[Read more...]

Heart Healthy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Moo Shu Chicken Lettuce WrapThere are moments when I crave Chinese food and I search the house for my favorite restaurant’s take-out menu. Sometimes cooking just sounds exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick if finding yummy recipes that are quick and easy to make – if you can make them heart healthy, you win the bonus! Try this Moo Shu Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe that I know you and your family will love.
[Read more...]

Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Peppers

Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Peppers
Get rid of those extra calories and carbs in most traditional stuffed pepper recipes and cross over to a healthier version that is loaded with nutrients without sacrificing great flavor! We are swapping that white rice for cauliflower “rice.” Use any color pepper you have on hand and pack up those left overs for work the next day.
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The Effects of Smoking and Your Developing Baby – Video

If you are #pregnant and are #smoking or exposed to #secondhandsmoke, your baby will be exposed to thousands of #harmfulchemicals. Learn the effects secondhand smoke has on your developing baby by Dr. Patty Avila, Pediatrician. Our Care Team at NOAH will work with you and your child to choose the best path for their overall #health and #wellness. To schedule an apt., please call 480-882-4545! #pediatrics #familypractice #prenatalcare