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Nutrition Services

NOAH Nutrition ServicesNutrition Services provides a critical perspective on food, nutrition and community health care. We provide the highest standard of nutrition according to the principles of the American Dietetic Association.

Staffed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nutrition Services provide comprehensive, high quality nutritional care and guidance for patients with nutrition-related conditions (diabetes and pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management, digestive issues, food allergies, and chronic kidney disease). Nutrition services also provides preventative education (Well Child Checks, prenatal counseling, healthy families) and addresses general nutrition questions and concerns. Referrals are accepted from physicians, physician assistants and other qualified health care professionals.
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What is typical nutritional services visit?

When a patient is referred for nutrition services, he/she will be scheduled an initial 60 minutes appointment to establish care and, if needed, 30 minutes follow up appointments. During the visit the dietitian will conduct a nutritional assessment (collecting, integrating and analyzing nutrition related data), nutrition education and goal setting. At follow up visits, weight will be assessed and previous goals will be reviewed and revised as the patient progresses.

Why would patients use nutritional services?

Patients who benefits from nutritional services include those with the following: Obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetes, heart disease, GI disorders (IBD/IBS/Gastroparesis/Diverticulitis,etc), and chronic kidney disease.

How do patients make an appointment for nutritional services?

Most insurance plans require a referral from their provider. Patient should speak with their provider in discussing if a nutrition consult is right for them. If so, the doctor will send the referral to the referrals department who will check with the patients insurance to verify coverage, number of visits covered and copay, if any.

What information should a patient have available when making an appointment?

Patients need a doctors’ referral, which will be sent to the referrals team. Once the referrals team verifies coverage, scheduling will call the patient to schedule their nutrition appointment.

How often can patients utilize nutritional services?

Varies based on insurance.

What NOAH locations are nutritional services offered?

Cholla Health Center
Copperwood Health Center
Desert Mission Health Center
Heuser Family Medicine Center
Midtown Health Center
Palomino Health Center
Venado Valley Health Center