Kristal’s road trip food list

Road Trip Meal

Kristal Burton
NOAH Registered Dietician

It’s that time of year when you load up the family and drive off toward adventure. It’s easy when sitting in a car for long periods to justify continually snacking on foods you normally try not to make a habit of munching on, but those seemingly innocent snacks can stack up to a lot of weight gain, bloating and discomfort. Pack these dietitian approved healthy snacks and if you have are going to stop to eat a meal, pick a restaurant that offers healthy meal options.


o Baggies of grapes.
o Cuties.
o Small apples (3 oz. each) or pears.
o Sugar snap peas with hummus.
o Cheese sticks.
o Individual 100 calorie guacamole cups.
o Individual peanut butter cups or pouches (these are great if your hotel does not have any healthy fat or protein choices in the continental breakfast).

Lunch stop items:

o 100% whole grain bread.
o Low sodium turkey and ham lunch meats.
o Munster cheese.
o Individual mayo and mustard packets.
o Pickle slices.
o Lettuce.
o Sliced tomato.
o Peanut butter.
o Honey.

Dinner options if stopped for fast food:

o 6 inch turkey or ham sub with cheese and unlimited vegetables.
o 2 taco bell tacos.
o Starbucks Spinach and Feta wrap.
o Chick-fil-a grilled chicken cool wrap.
o McDonalds artisan grilled chicken sandwich.


o Water bottles.
o Several water flavors (crystal light, mio, Stur, etc.).
o Carbonated waters (La Croix, Clear American).

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