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KidsCare Frequently Asked Questions

KidsCare is designed to help families who earn too much for AHCCCS (Medicaid) yet earn too little to afford to pay for health insurance for their children.

KidsCare - Health Insurance for Children

Who qualifies for KidsCare?
In general, children must be under 19 years old, a US citizen or a qualified immigrant and an Arizona resident and family income is under the income limit. They are not eligible for AHCCCS coverage or do not have other health insurance.

How much will KidsCare cost?
KidsCare will cost no more than $50 a month for one child or no more than $70 a month no matter how many children are in the household. The amount a family pays depends on their income and number of children. Per federal law, Native Americans enrolled with a federally recognized tribe and certain Alaskan Natives do not have to pay a premium. To get KidsCare at no cost, you must give us proof of tribal enrollment.

Can a family own a car, a house or have any savings and still get AHCCCS or KidsCare?
Yes you can own a car, a house and have a savings account. AHCCCS and KidsCare is based on your most recent 60 days of income, not what you own.

If my kids are already covered, can I switch to KidsCare?
Yes, but children must be without health insurance coverage for at least 90 days before they can get KidsCare. However, there are some exceptions to this 90 day rule. Parents need to be very careful before they make a decision to drop current coverage. It is recommended they meet with a trained eligibility specialist to determine if they are likely to qualify for KidsCare before they make any decisions.

What are the exceptions to the 90 day no-coverage rule?
The 90-day period does not apply when:

  • - Coverage was from another insurance affordability program (AHCCCS or a qualified health plan from the health insurance Marketplace)
  • - Premium was more than 5 percent of the household  income
  • - Parent eligible for premium tax credit because coverage through an employer is determined unaffordable
  • - Employer stopped offering coverage for dependents (or any coverage)
  • - Child lost coverage due to family member’s job change
  • - Child lost coverage due to the death or divorce of a parent
  • - Child has special health care needs

Can parents enroll children in KidsCare if the children are US citizens but the parents lack proper immigration documents?
Yes, KidsCare and AHCCCS applications are designed to make it possible for parents to apply for and enroll children who are US citizens.

Where can I find someone to help me apply?
We have eligibility specialists who speak English and Spanish (other languages also available). You can make an appointment by emailing eligibility@Noahhelps.org or by calling, 480.822.7537.