Keto Chocolate Cheesecake

Keto Chocolate CheesecakeValentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means chocolate! With so many people eating healthier, following diets and exercising more, we wanted to share a recipe that offers all an alternative to the heavy rich and creamy cheesecake that is both tasty and decadent. It all starts with cocoa powder. From the crust to the filling, you may have to hide a piece before it’s all gone!


• 1 ¾ cup blanched almond flour.
• 4 Tbsp. cocoa powder.
• 3 Tbsp. monk fruit erythritol blend.
• 1/3 cup melted Kerrygold butter (melted).
• 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract.
• 8 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate.
• 24 oz cream cheese (softened at room temperature).
• 1 ¼ cup powdered monk fruit sweetener.
• 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract.


1 – In a large bowl, stir almond flour, cocoa powder and erythritol.
2 – In a small bowl, stir melted butter and vanilla together. Add to dry mixture. Stir until the mixture sticks to the back of the spoon or spatula. It should be crumbly, but sticky enough when pressed together.
3 – Line the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan with parchment paper. Press the crust into the bottom of the pan. Chill while preparing the filling.
1 – Melt the unsweetened chocolate in the microwave or use a double boiler on the stove, stirring occasionally. Be careful not to overheat, especially in the microwave. The chocolate can burn, and you’ll have to start over. Set aside and cool.
2 – Use a hand mixer at medium-low speed to beat together the cream cheese, powdered sweetener and vanilla extract, until fully incorporated and fluffy.
3 – Once the chocolate has cooled, beat into the cream mixture at medium-low speed.
4 – Transfer the filling to the crust and use a spatula to smooth it over the top. Place in refrigerator for 2-3 hours, until set.

Notes:When it’s time to serve, I like to add sliced fresh strawberries on top. You can also use raspberries. You can also make bite size versions using muffin tin cups. If I’m sharing these at a party, I’ll reserve a little melted chocolate and drizzle it over the tops.

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