HRSA Site Visit Protocol

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) site visits support the effective oversight of the Health Center Program. Operational Site Visits (OSVs) provide an objective assessment and verification of the status of each Health Center Program awardee or look-alike’s compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the Health Center Program. In addition, HRSA conducts site visits to assess and verify look-alike initial designation applicants for compliance with Health Center Program requirements to inform initial designation determinations.

NOAH Health CentersThe Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol (SVP) will be the tool for assessing compliance with Health Center Program requirements during OSVs. The SVP is designed to provide HRSA the information necessary to perform its oversight responsibilities using a standard and transparent methodology that aligns with the Compliance Manual. Learn more about the SVP:

• Introduction • Collaborative Relationships
• Needs Assessment • Financial Management and Accounting Systems
• Required and Additional Health Services • Billing and Collections
• Clinical Staffing • Budget
• Accessible Locations and Hours of Operation • Program Monitoring and Data Reporting Systems
• Coverage for Medical Emergencies During and After Hours • Board Authority
• Continuity of Care and Hospital Admitting • Board Composition
• Sliding Fee Discount Program • Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Risk Management Deeming Requirements
• Quality Improvement/Assurance • Performance Analysis
• Key Management Staff • Promising Practices
• Contracts and Subawards • Conflict of Interest