22649 Preventative Health Screenings in 2015

Giving Smiles

“Now that I can smile again, I am excited to go back to school,” said Jonah.

Giving back smilesOnly one day before this, hungry and in pain, Jonah stumbled through a back-to-school event with his mother and two siblings. After he had picked out a new shirt and a pair of pants, his mother noticed a sign for free dental screenings provided by Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health (NOAH). She knew that Jonah had been in pain for some time, making it difficult for him to eat, but could not afford to see a dentist.

After a quick screening, it was apparent that Jonah needed immediate attention. The NOAH hygienist scheduled a next-day appointment for emergency dental work. After the appointment, Jonah told the staff, “Now that I can smile again, I am excited to go back to school!’’

Thousands of Arizonans find themselves in need every day. Thanks to supporters like you, NOAH helps patients like Jonah find their smile again, through the medical, dental and behavioral health services that we provide to our community and neighbors.

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