NOAH Brand Toolkit

NOAH Brand ToolKit

Email Signature

Email signtures need to be formated constantly to collectively align NOAH’s brand and image in the community. Please feel free to copy the signature below.

Your Name, (Professional or Medical Designation) | Title
Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health
Primary Address | City, AZ XXXXX
Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX | Mobile: XXX-XXX-XXXX |
NOAH Email Signature

To add a new signature, open a new email. Select the insert tab and click on the signature icon (signatures). From there, please follow the
prompts accordingly. Once you have successfully created your new signature, test it out! Select New Email and hover over the
and Ctrl+Click to make sure it directs you to our website.

  • Required fields: Name, title, organization name.
  • Additional fields: Professional or medical designations (i.e. RN, MD, DO, MBA – do not add periods between the designation), address, office phone, mobile phone and fax.
  • Fonts and graphics: Please use Calibri or Arial font. The NOAH logo is optional




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