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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

NOAH AZ Charitable Tax Credit

What if you could impact a life and it wouldn’t cost you a thing?

Donate to NOAH OnlineThe Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (formerly known as the ‘Working Poor Tax Credit’) is a tax
credit for anyone who has made voluntary cash contributions during any taxable year to a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health (NOAH) is an official Qualifying Charitable Organization.

What does this mean for me?
When you donate to NOAH, you get back a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state
income tax return. This means that you can SUBTRACT the amount of your donation from the amount of taxes you owe.

How much will I receive?
• If you are a single tax payer, you can receive a charitable tax credit of up to $400.
• Couples filing jointly can receive up to an $800 credit on their tax return.

A tax credit is much better than a deduction because a tax credit is SUBTRACTED directly from the amount of taxes owed. It is a direct dollar
-for-dollar credit back to you.

How much can I give?
We appreciate any amount you can afford to give. Remember, that the amount of your tax credit is capped at $400 for singles and $800 for
those filing jointly. This is DOUBLE the previous tax credit due to legislative updates.

How does it work?
Make your donation to NOAH online or mail us a check. Either way, we will send you a receipt. At the time you or your accountant file your
taxes, list NOAH as your charitable organization, and the dollar amount of your donation on the AZ Tax Form 321.
Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health
3634 N. Drinkwater Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Do I need to itemize my taxes to claim my credit?
Starting in 2013, you DO NOT need to itemize your taxes to qualify for tax credits. Just report the amount you donated to NOAH on Form 321. NOAH will send you (the donor) a letter confirming your donation. This letter serves as documentation of your contribution.

How do I know Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health qualifies?
Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health has applied and met all requirements of the law to be considered as a Qualifying Charitable
Organization. Approved charities’ names are listed on the Department of Revenue’s website.

Can I apply the Charitable Tax Credit on my taxes if I take the School Tax Credit?
Yes! The School tax credit donation is a separate credit so you may receive the full tax credit for both a School & Arizona Charitable Tax Credit contribution.

Does the tax credit also apply to my federal income tax returns?
No. The Charitable Tax Credit applies only on your Arizona State income tax. However, you may be able to claim a federal tax deduction for the amount donated.

When can I make the donation?
You can donate to NOAH at any time to qualify for the Tax Credit. Contributions made on, or before, April 15th can be applied to the current or preceding taxable year.

Where can I get more information about the tax credit?
Please consult your tax advisor or find more information by visiting the Arizona Department of Revenue website or by calling Taxpayer
Assistance at 800.352.4090.

*Please note that Neighborhood Access to Health is not a tax advisor. Please contact a qualified tax advisor for advice on your
personal tax situation.