2017 Patients

Our Success Stories

Palomino Clinic,
I had been extremely sick for 6 weeks. My doctor examined me and started to go get blood samples and an ultra-sound run. He turned around came back to me and said “Please promise me you’ll go to the hospital right now.” He knew I’d just go home and I live alone.
He said if you don’t go now you will die this weekend. He said he thought there was a blockage in the intestines, which was the case.
So I went to [the hospital] which he instructed me to do. I spent 12 days there. I almost died and he was the one who save me from going home and it rupturing. If I hadn’t have talked or had the doctor I had, I wouldn’t be here today. He saved my life by making me promise him I’d go straight to the hospital. Thank you.  – A Grateful NOAH Patient